FTX Disperse was held on May 22nd 2019 in Mikkeli, Finland. The multiauthority field exercise tested not only the capability of first responders and emergency medical services but also new technologies developed in the Horizon 2020 funded TOXI-Triage -project.
All of the local players: South Savo Rescue Department (ESPL), South Savo Social and Health Care Authority (ESSOTE), and the Finnish Defence Forces (PV) used Environics products as their standard procedure tools for detection in addition to the new technologies introduced by the project.

Environics’ handheld chemical detector ChemPro100i was used in the hot zone by the fire department for site surveillance and to screen decontaminated casualties for residual chemicals. Also, the local hospital had the same detectors on site to screen independently arriving casualties after decontamination.
RanidPro200 Radiation Identification Backpack was used on site in the decontamination tents to screen for possible radiation sources. The backpack successfully alarmed and identified a medical source of radiation.
Additionally, Environics’ EnVision Gossamer Area Monitoring System was deployed on site by the defence forces. Five measuring units in total, encompassing of chemical, radiological, and weather sensors, mounted on tripods and communicating via radio, were positioned to monitor the whole market place as unmanned stand-alone measuring stations.

As a new technology introduced in the TOXI-triage project, Environics had a drone mounted Chemical and Radiological detector. The chemical detector was a repackaged version of our ChemProDM and it was integrated to Pohjonen Group’s drone via EMC connector for power and data transfer capabilities.