Environics’ Training Manager and CBRN Specialist, Toni Leikas, together with a comprehensive CBRN team, conducted a major training exercise in Malaysia from September 30th to October 17th 2019.

The Malaysian Army received a complete CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle User Training (levels 2 & 3) for the system and its components, and a Maintenance User Training (level 1). Practical training included technical, tactical and operational use in various types of chemical , biological and radiological scenarios. Realism was enhanced with the usage of chemical and biological simulants, and radiological sources. In addition, this major training also featured a live-agent gas release and dispersion in a tropical environment.

Environics’ trainings are scalable and modular, being easily customized and adapted to fit our customers’ goals and learning requirements.

Environics’ Armoured CBRN Reconnaissance Solution was integrated into the AV-8 AENBCRV, the first 8×8 CBRN vehicle to be developed by FNSS.

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