Environics’ Training Manager and CBRN Specialist, Toni Leikas, together with Service Engineer Niko Räsänen, conducted a major CBRN Training exercise for the Malaysian army, divided in two sessions: the first one took place from September 30th to October 17th 2019 (further information here), and the second one from February 18th to 27th 2020 (further information here).

Major CBRN Reconnaissance Training in Malaysia

According to feedback forms, the end-customer felt satisfied and acknowledged that the Maintenance training has enhanced the knowledge and understanding of the CBRN Reconnaissance vehicle system, namely on user and field level maintenance related tasks.

“This training gave me the confidence to overcome problems with this vehicle in the future.”

“What I like the most about the training is that it’s practical, easy to understand, and also the theory gave me more knowledge about the CBRN system.”

It was also emphasized the good structure and easy-to-follow, open clear communication, flat hierarchy type of training, with a good balance between theory and practical training actions. Detailed troubleshooting and scenario-based training seemed to have been the highlights for the army personnel.

Major CBRN Reconnaissance Training in Malaysia

This type of two weeks maintenance training provides basic tools and knowledge for technicians to practice their maintenance skills, and to conduct preventive and corrective maintenance tasks.

The students were very active, openminded, and very eager to learn new skills.

Huge thanks to all the participants!