The Estonian Rescue Board, a government agency under the Ministry of the Interior, selected ChemproX new generation handheld chemical detector for enhancing their chemical detection response and capabilities. Environics won in collaboration with it’s Estonian partner Bristol Trust OÜ a supply contract from an open international tender procedure,  ensuring a supply of ChemProX devices to be delivered during 2021.

Environics’ detectors have been in use in Estonia by first response organizations since 2005.

The Estonian Rescue Board develops and maintains a secure environment in Estonia, anticipating threats, and professionally assisting people in the event of an accident. It aims for preventing accidents, save lives, property, and the environment.

ChemProX‘s connectivity feature played a particular role on the decision. ChemProX is the only chemical detector of its class which allows for real-time full situational-awareness.
Its detection network is expandable up to 10 detectors per group, and featuring a secure data transmission by radio, which is complemented and expanded by a WLAN connection.
ChemProX establishes the communication between each team member and the Command Centre.

ChemPro Handheld Chemical Detection - Communication Network for Shared Data

ChemProX Network Connection: infographics showcasing the devices interaction and data sharing in network usage.