Latin America has hosted several CBRN conferences during the past few years, NCT South America in Bogota in February 2018, CBRNe South America in Buenos Aires in March 2018, and NCT South America in Rio de Janeiro in 2019, all attended by Environics as well.

Environics also took part to a Finnish Business Delegation visit to Chile and Argentina in May 2018, led by Mr Raimo Jyväsjärvi, Under Secretary for Defense, National Armaments Director, Lt Gen (ret.), Ministry of Defence of Finland.

Environics products are used today in over 50 countries around the world, including Latin America, but we are working on increasing presence there still. Our activities in 2018-2019 have also included end user trainings in the area.

To serve well end users far from Finland, we rely on local representatives. In case you are interested in expanding your product portfolio to world-leading CBRN detectors and monitoring solutions, we’d love to hear from you, please contact