First Batch of ChemProX in Production for the Belgian Defence Forces


Long term customer Belgian Defence Forces keeps relying on Environics as their trusted partner for improving preparedness.

Their response capability is about to enter a new level, with the purchase of a batch of ChemProXs, currently under production. As the first order ever placed for ChemProX, new generation handheld chemical detector, this represents a milestone in CBRN safety evolution for both involved parties.

Belgium Defence Forces has been using ChemPro100i detectors already since 2013, owning over 100 units.

ChemProX belongs to a new generation of chemical detectors, enabling full situational-awareness during field operations. ChemProX detects and classify CWA’s and TIC’s, providing a simple, smooth, and effective experience. In addition, it also features a double usage possibility for both real and simulated situations.

Read more about ChemProX here.