Multiple Ways of Utilizing ChemProX

The Webinar Series #2

In “ChemProX, Group Use” webinar, Training Manager Toni Leikas explains several applications of ChemProX enabled by its team use and communication options.

As stated in the ChemProX, Group Use related blog article, what really differentiates ChemProX from other chemical detectors are its in-built connectivity feature which allow operators to form a device group with secure radio data connection, and share their device status with other group members, creating real-time situational-awareness.

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This webinar showcases real footage from ChemProX’s Mobile C&C and Training Software viewed from the Incident Command tablet, including:

  • Real-time team members movements and detection data
  • Remote trend-view tracking and detection mode changing
Toughpad Tablet - Adhoc

Adhoc Area Monitoring Network Scenario: after the first reconnaissance and situation assessment, the incident commander orders to setup a adhoc area monitoring network from the down wind of the chemical leak area, to gain early warning and also to know how the hazardous chemicals are acting according to predictions and weather situation.
Banefits: one “handheld detector” serves as access point and is sent to monitor the incident site, easy and fast to setup solution, information sharing and real-time response.

Toughpad Tablet - Critical Infrastructure Protection Network

Critical Infrastructure Protection Network Scenario: one application of use of ChemProX network and sensors systems can be the surveillance and monitoring of a Critical Infrastructure. For instance the system provides several and diverse field detection options for military units, to be utilized for crisis management and combat missions.

Toughpad Tablet - Unmanned

Unmanned Detection Scenario:unmanned vehicles are already developed for carrying payload. As ChemProX has all critical functions in-built it can be used mounted on drones and robots, all it takes is that the unmanned vehicle can take a payload of at least 800gr. ChemProX allows then for dynamic communication between the Command and Control Software and the device, for remote detector control.

Unmanned Chemical Reconnaissance Solution

This approximately 20min session, will provide valueable insights on the astonishing versatility of ChemProX, demonstrating how it really goes beyond “conventional chemical detection”:

  • Wide area group surveying
  • Ad hoc area monitoring network
  • Critical infrastructure protection network
  • Unmanned detection solution

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