EnviScreen Operix 2016

CBRN and Environmental Monitoring System Software Solution

The new Enviscreen Operix 2016 is complete software solutions for continuous real time operative CBRN and Environmental situation awareness and guidance. It incorporates sensor integrations, data communications, databases, system services and user interfaces. Its technology reaches from single site to full nation-covering monitoring networks. EnviScreen Operix 2016 system software is the solution when people safety and system reliability are number one issues.

The EnviScreen Operix offers also emergency instructions and tools for reporting and hazard area plotting to enable appropriate countermeasures at the time of a suspected threat event. EnviScreen Operix includes software modules for integration to 3rd party systems and system training and simulation.

The new, modernized software version includes several features and tools that improve the usability and functionality. For instance, selectable application profiles have been added to meet the operator requirements in different applications. The new software release comes with GeoServer map service and some special features related to use in wireless, mobile CBRN detection systems.