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CBRN Specialist & Training Manager Toni Leikas will be conducting a workshop on Tuesday 23rd (16:30) of January 2024 at the International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAVC), taking place from 22 – 25 January 2024 at the Twickenham Stadium, in London. This Day #2 of the IAVC is themed “Operations & Firepower”.

“The annual International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAVC) has earned a reputation as the world’s premier international meeting ground for all elements of the armoured community. IAVC has established itself among the world’s Armies, Marine Corps, procurement officials, and industry representatives as the unbiased quality forum to focus solely upon land vehicles and force protection.”

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About the Workshop

Armoured Vehicles in Challenging CBRN Operational Environment

CBRN threats and warfare is not a separate, special form of war, but instead a battlefield condition just like rain, snow, darkness, electronic warfare, heat and so on. Units must equip and train to accomplish their combat missions under all battlefield conditions. Whenever CBRN is separated from other functions and training events, we condition our soldiers to regard operations under CBRN conditions as a separate form of warfare

  • Operational area’s CBRN threats and risks
  • Early-warning detection and protection of vehicles
  • CBRN detection and monitoring systems for armoured vehicles

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