We will be showcasing at CBRNe Summit Europe 2023, hosted by Intteligence-Sec, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 21st to 23rd of March 2023. Come visit Bertin Environics Team in booth 1!

Our team members will be showcasing ChemProX, New Generation Handheld Chemical Detector and X-System Complete CBRN Monitoring Solution for Mobile and Stationary Platforms.

Bertin Environics Team Members at CBRNe Summit Europe 2023

You will be able to meet, engage and start discussions with the following Environics Team members at the exhibition:
Area Manager Ahti Luukkonen, Application Manager of Handheld Chemical Detectors Teemu Partanen, and Marketing Assistant Ana Lopes.

About CBRNe Summit Europe 2023

“CBRNe is still a major concern across Europe and especially more heightened with the current unstable situation in Eastern Europe. We are pleased to bring our annual event to Lisbon, Portugal, for the first time, to allow you to continue hearing from leading military, government and scientific officials.

Our CBRNe Summit Europe conference and exhibition will take place on the 21st – 23rd March 2023 and is officially supported by the Lisbon Fire Brigade and Lisbon City Hall. The event will continue its normal format of two days of presentations and networking in the exhibitor hall. With the third day being a live demonstration and exercise by the Lisbon Fire Brigade showcasing their CBRNe capabilities. For the first time vendors will also be able to demonstrate their products in a live setting to our international audience.”

Visit CBRNe Summit Europe 2023 official website

Meet our CBRN Professionals

Ensure you have some dedicated time with our CBRN professionals at our booth by booking an appointment in advance. Please utilize the message box below to let us know which date and time would better fit your agenda during the course of the event. In addition, you may also share your topics of interest, so that our staff is already prepared with more informed answers.
Our staff will reply to you to confirm the suggested meeting schedule.

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