Step in to ChemProX world & Xpand it to CBRN!

ChemProX Online User Training – CBRN Kit course provides basic know-how and understanding on how to use all the ChemProX CBRN Kit accessories.

You will learn not only how to upgrade a chemical detector into a CBRN detector, but also the most useful features of ChemProX CBRN Kit. After passing the ChemProX CBRN Kit course, you will be able to use all the features of ChemProX CBRN Kit!

The total duration of this course is approximately 60 minutes. It’s divided into 10 short learning modules and the final test, allowing you to also study  the course one module at a time.

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ChemProX CBRN Kit Online User Training Learning Modules

The course comprises the following learning modules:

  • ChemProX – Complete CBRN Detector
    • ChemProX CBRN Kit
    • Specifications & Precautions
    • User Interface
  • ENVI ASSAY Biodefence system
    • Biological Identification
    • ENVI Assay Biodefence System
    • Use of Biological Rapid Test
  • Portable Radiation Detector
    • Radiation Detection
    • ChemProX RDM
    • Start-up, Use & Shutdown the ChemProX RDM
  • Charging Station
  • Ethernet Adapter
  • Alarm Module
  • AA Battery Pack
  • Simulation Source Set
  • ChemProX RU
    • Repeater & Remote Alarm Unit
  • Maintenance
    • User Maintenance Tasks

Do You Need to Take a ChemProX Basic Use Course First?

ChemProX Online User TrainingBasic Use course introduces this new generation handheld chemical detector. Therefore, it provides basic know-how and understanding on how to use the device.

The training provides information of ChemProX’s main features and basic tasks such as:

  • Start-up and shutting down procedures.
  • Use of the various functions of the detector.
  • User-level maintenance tasks.
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