The webinar ChemProX features Training was first broadcasted on October 15th 2019 and takes about 20 minutes. The host is Toni Leikas, Training Manager & CBRN Specialist.

This session focuses on the training options and practical benefits enabled by double usage for real and simulated scenarios.

Xplore Double Usage for Real & Simulated Scenarios

Training your team to operate in realistic scenarios it’s vital for saving lives, because remember, “only fictional heroes accomplish missions alone!”

What is Learning & Training?

Learning is a process of transforming experience into knowledge, skills and attitudes, whereas training is the transfer of the trainer’s knowledge and skills to the trainees.

Toni Leikas showcasing ChemProX training functionalities at NCT Europe 2019

ChemProX’s training features being showcased at NCT Europe 2019.

Motivation is the Strongest Factor for an Effective Learning

Learn how to use ChemProX as a tool to motivate your team. Factors that increase the motivation of the students are for example: creating an atmosphere that supports learning by using active training methods, and assigning genuine tasks.

ChemProX‘s design and in-built training features make it a multi-use tool, capable of fulfilling the above criteria, and therefore making it the perfect tool for chemical detection training.

Practical Benefits of Using ChemProX for a Realistic Simulation

  • One detector for real use and for simulation training.
  • Real-time situational-awareness for operators and incident Commander, even during exercises.
  • From point detection, to large area chemical dispersion exercises. ChemProX allows for creating all scales of learning sessions — from lectures to huge multi-threat practical exercises.
  • Train and exercise your operators easily and in a safe way.

The “Training Mode” Feature

The blue color on the user interface clearly indicates when the training mode is active, therefore the operators don’t misundertand a training scenario with a real situation.

ChemProX - Real VS Training

ChemProX – Real VS Training Mode User Interface.

Set up the threat scenario through a software interface, and use its functionalities to share the display with the classroom avoiding the “one device for 20 students” syndrome.

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