CBRN & Environmental Monitoring Solutions

EnviScreenTM CBRN & Environmental Monitoring Systems provide turnkey solutions with versatile sensor and integration support. The brand EnviScreenTM refers to the diverse CBRN and environmental safety systems including monitoring software, sensor gateways, integrated measuring devices, workstations, server hardware and software and wired and wireless communication networks. The EnviScreenTM CBRN and environmental monitoring systems are based on proven key components provided as COTS products, especially on Environics´ own the state-of-the art detectors for CWAs and TICs, radiation and hazardous biological agents and EnviScreenTM dedicated software and hardware:

  • ChemPro®FXi
  • ChemPro®100i, ChemPro®DM and ChemPro®PD
  • ENVI BioScout™
  • Ranid product line (RanidPro200/RanidPORT/RanidSONNI/RanidProFX)
  • Envision product line (Envision GOSSAMER, CBRN and HRS)
  • EnviScreen Operix 2016 monitoring software
  • Master Module data processing unit.

In addition, the EnviScreenTM system solution provides compatibility and readiness with tens of different kinds of measuring devices from 3rd party weather sensors to camera and video and servers. The scale requirements for monitoring systems may vary from single detection point systems up to nationwide security networks. Thanks to the flexible and modular structure, EnviScreenTM systems are cost-effective and fully scalable from naval and land vehicles to critical infra and area protection, so Environics integrates the concept in diverse small and large scale CBRN and environmental surveillance applications. Based on specific customer requirements, appropriate modules and features are selected and on the other hand, the systems are easily expandable for future needs. The EnviScreenTM system solution utilizes technology that enables hardware, protocol and application level integrations, even to 3rd party building automation and C4I systems.