We will be showcasing at the 14th CBRNe Protection Symposium 2022 taking place in Malmö, Sweden from 20 – 22 Semptember. Visit us from booth 16!

In addition, Application Manager Teemu Partanen will also have a speacking slot for his presentation “Thinking outside the box – Multiple ways to utilize chemical detector”  on 2022-09-21 at 09:20 – 09:35.

The 14th CBRNe Protection Symposium and the Exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment is organized by Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).

Environics Team Members at CBRNe Protection Symposium

You will be able to meet and start discussions with the following Environics Team members at the exhibition: Application Manager Katja Kiukas, Application Manager Teemu Partanen, Area Manager Ahti Luukkonen, and Area Manager Krister Liljegren.

About CBRNe Protection Symposium 2022

“An extensive exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment will be arranged in connection with the symposium, where industry and institutes display their latest products and research in an encouraging environment. The exhibition will offer a good opportunity for the symposium participants to make themselves acquainted with commercially available state-of-the-art equipment related to CBRNe protection.”

Visit CBRNe Protection Symposium website

Meet our CBRN Professionals

Ensure you have some dedicated time with our CBRN professionals at our booth by booking an appointment in advance. Please utilize the message box below to let us know which date and time would better fit your agenda during the course of the event. In addition, you may also share your topics of interest, so that our staff is already prepared with more informed answers.
Our staff will reply to you to confirm the suggested meeting schedule.

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