We will be showcasing at CBRNE Indonesia — “Defeating the esoteric and the extraordinary” — taking place at Hotel Margo, Jakarta, from 28 to 29 March, 2023. Come visit Environics Team!

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Environics Team Members at CBRNE Indonesia

You will be able to meet and start discussions with the following Environics Team members at the exhibition:
Area Manager Krister Liljegren and Product Manager Handheld of Chemical Detection Mika Saarinen.

About CBRNE Indonesia

“CBRN defence in Indonesia has been a growing competence for the past decade. The events of the Bali bombing, and other terrorist acts, have made the government alert to the fact that CBRNE threats need to be prepared for by the military and civilian forces. This has seen a bow wave of investment in the police special forces, Gegana Brimob, and in other forces too. It is not fair to say the Indonesian National Police has one of the largest, and most competent CBRN capabilities around… and it is still getting larger.

This two day event and exhibition is going to look at the challenges facing Indonesia now, and as it prepares for major elections in 2024. These have previously been marked with violence, and rumours of CBRN attacks, and the next iteration is likely to be more challenging. ”

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Meet our CBRN Professionals

Ensure you have some dedicated time with our CBRN professionals at our booth by booking an appointment in advance. Please utilize the message box below to let us know which date and time would better fit your agenda during the course of the event. In addition, you may also share your topics of interest, so that our staff is already prepared with more informed answers.
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