Industry leading CWA (Chemical Warfare Agents) and selected TIC (Toxic Industrial Chemicals) detection capability.

Unique trend display, for monitoring toxic chemical concentration, even before alarm triggering levels. Improved selectivity and sensitivity.


Multisensor Detection

ChemPro100i is a toxic gas detector that classifies and measures hazardous chemicals, enabling simultaneous detection of the widest range of chemicals.

ChemPro100i is a truly orthogonal detector, being its core technology the unique open-loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) sensor.

The performance is improved with additional sensors that provide a wider range of detectable TICs, and improve false alarm rejection.


Why Choose ChemPro100i

  • Widest range of CWA and TIC detectable chemicals

  • Appropriate for both military and first response usage

  • Unique trend display

  • Simple maintenance tasks

  • Easy to operate

  • Minimal false alarm rate

  • Radiological detection with an optional add-on module

chempro100i with optional radiation module


ChemPro100i is a versatile handheld chemical detector, broadly used globally by several different safeguarding organizations, ranging from military customers to homeland security.

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Mika Saarinen

Product Manager Handheld Chemical Detection