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X-System Armoured CBRN Monitoring to be showcased at IDEX 2023

Discover how Bertin Environics can be the one single supplier for the entire CBRN monitoring solution for armoured vehicle CBRN protection.

The X-System provides a fast and reliable warning for the presence of possible Chemical, Biological and Radioactive hazardous substances, giving the crew response time to take protection measures for themselves and the vehicle. In addition to CBRN detection capability, X-System includes situational awareness and guidance software.

New X-System Architecture

The new X-System’s architecture scales effectively from single point detection to more comprehensive systems, covering monitoring of internal and external CBRN threats encountered in vehicle environment. This is a chassis independent solution.

This robust design of armoured CBRN systems is built upon the proven expertise in the field, summing up high usability, feasibility, cost-effectiveness and maintainability demands set by vehicle manufacturer, integrators and operators.

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