Are you a Vehicle Manufacturer or Supplier of CBRN filtration, looking for solutions for CBRN monitoring and CBRN Filter Control?

Do you need scalable, versatile CBRN solutions that fit to different vehicle platforms from CBRN Reconnaissance to Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, Main Battle Tanks and beyond?

Do you have a foreseen retrofitting project that requires CBRN expertise and effortless integration?

In this webinar, Application Manager for CBRN Systems Katja Kiukas will make you familiar with the 5 Benefits of Selecting a Single Supplier — or in this case Environics — for Vehicle CBRN Solutions.

Here’s a glimpse of the benefits:

1. Long Experience & Proven Expertise
2. Customer Orientation flavoured with Requirements of Operating Environment
3. Fast & Reliable Early-Warnings & Provision of Real-time Situational Awareness
4. Solutions, Services and Support for the Whole System Lifespan
5. Scalable & Modular CBRN Solutions from a Single Supplier = Time, Money, Resource & Effort Savings

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