EnviScreen Operix 2020

CBRN Monitoring System Software Solution

EnviScreen Operix 2020 is a sophisticated CBRN sensor networking & monitoring system software, and the latest key-product of Environics system-based software. Following its predecessor — Operix 2016 —, it represents the outcome of three decades of experience with CBRN systems by combining easy deployment, usability, stability, maintainability and training capabilities.

Compared to the generic software’s provided by numerous system integrators, EnviScreen Operix 2020 offers a complete solution for CBRN application targeted tools for CBRN situation monitoring, operator guidance, operator trainings and system maintenance.

EnviScreen Operix 2020 provides fully updated system operators training tool, with an integrated scenario planning & simulation tool. The software also features a Maintaining & Service Tool, which runs in the background and sends automatic notifications from system preventive and immediate maintenance needs ensuring maximum detection performance.

With an optimized and enhanced user interface, for a better usage experience and minimal human error during high pressure situations, EnviScreen Operix 2020 also enables data collection and presentation of mission specific data, allowing for later analysis, mission reporting, and printing.