ChemPro Accessories

Biological and radiological detections with add-on modules

The ChemPro100i capabilities can be easily expanded to a full CBRN detection system by utilizing unique cost effective external add-on modules.

The ChemPro100 Radiation Detection Module enables the ChemPro100i to detect traces of gamma and X-ray radiation. The current dose rate, the accumulated dose reading and alarms are indicated on the display of ChemPro100i.

The ChemPro Reader Module adds new functionality in the form of handheld biological detection. It is intended for reading Envi Assay System lateral flow immunoassay tests. The Reader Module stores the test data for evaluation after the mission.

The ChemPro100 Earphone Module is designed for covert operations where silence is vital. When connected to ChemPro100i, all audible information is heard through the Earphone.

All add-on modules are plug-and-play compatible with the ChemPro100i and operate using power from the ChemPro100i battery.