Vehicle solutions

CBRN Reconnaissance vehicles maintain and support regional 24/7 first responder capabilities for CBRN preparedness, detect and identify CBRN threats, collect environmental samples, initiate CBRN countermeasures on threat event scenes and gather situational CBRN awareness to support commanders in threat event management.

Environics´ CBRN monitoring concept for CBRN reconnaissance vehicles is chassis independent: the company provides its customers in the military and civil defense with scalable CBRN monitoring and identification solutions on diverse vehicle platforms and according to customers´ requirements, acting either as an integrator or as a CBRN detector supplier or both. Environics has implemented its solutions e.g. on the Patria XA-185, on the wheeled armored combat vehicle (PARS 8 x 8) and on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter/Vario based platforms.

CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle Solution Brochure