Radiological detection & identification

Ranid-products are designed for radiation detection and identification. Our solution is based on sensitive inorganic scintillator crystals coupled which photo multiplier tube, multi-channel analyzer and computer with analysis software. This combination is able to create signals which are suitable to reconstruct energy spectrum of the detected photons. The energy spectrum is the key information in gamma spectroscopy.  The accuracy and resolution of the detected energy determines the accuracy of the instrument. Environics’ devices use high quality scintillation materials to achieve good energy resolution. Natural background of K40 isotope and internal impurities of the scintillator are used to maintain energy stability of the instrument. Automatic energy stabilization, effective use of spectral information, identification algorithms, spectral databases and the ability to control data flow between remote units, databases and reachback center are the cornerstones of the Ranid-family products.