Katja Kiukas to speak at CIP ASIA

Katja Kiukas, who has gained over 10 years of application, business and technology oriented expertise in the field of Bio Detection and CBRN Monitoring Systems, namely, for critical infrastructure protection, was confirmed to give a speech at CIP ASIA.

The speech prepared for this event taking place in Malaysia, from 17th to 19th July 2018 is entitled "CBRN Threats in Buildings – Preparedness and Protection Instead of Forgotten Vulnerabilities".

Katja will also be attending this critical infrastructure protection oriented event, therefore arranging appointments/discussions on this matter is a possibility.


Update: Katja's speaking slot is now visible from Programme - Day One as part of the CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION TRACK http://cip-asia.com/conference/programme-day-one/.

Further information about the event:

🇮🇹 Italian Fire Brigades Upgraded Their Chemical Detection Capabilities

Italian fire brigades increased their preparedness level by upgrading their ChemPro100 chemical detectors to the latest ChemPro100i version. ChemPro100i chemical detectors are used in more than 100 fire brigade stations all around Italy.

The ChemPro100i is a handheld gas & vapor detector for the field detection and classification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs). It can be used daily in “routine” HazMat, and for the less common CWA incident. Unique trend display shows the chemical concentration in real time graphical display allowing fast and easy to read way to quickly localize the chemical.

Learn more about ChemPro100i.

Environics Received Another Purchase Order for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle

Environics has received a new purchase order for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle from Indonesian Ministry of Defence.

Environics has already delivered three similar CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence between 2015-2017. The fourth vehicle delivery will take place in 2018. This type of vehicle includes equipment for detecting, identifying and sampling CBRN agents and threats in a safe, protected working environment.

"The Role of Expert Support in Nuclear Security"

Environics is referenced in Border Security Report magazine, due to RanidPro200 and RanidSOLO usage during a crossborder reachback demonstration, which took place in Estonia by the end of 2017. Extract:

"November 2017: Estonian and Finnish intelligence services have received information that illegal transport of radioactive materials is underway via the Baltic countries. The final destination of these sources is unknown but there are reasons to believe that Finland may be the intended target for further illicit trafficking. The information alerts hint that international terrorist group has declared its malicious intentions to use these materials in an attack against the EU Member States. "

For further information and access to the full article, please follow the link bellow (page 35):