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Here in Finland winters are harsh and long. However, millions or resilient evolutionary years have turned us, Finns, into ruggedized, endurant creatures. Check our teams practical tips how to survive the winter season from here.

We, at Environics, want to thank all of our customers and partners for this year 2018 and wish you all the best for upcoming 2019!


Another ChemPro100i Delivery To Enhance Safety In Asia Pacific Region

ChemPro100i is an excellent handheld gas detector designed to detect hazardous chemicals. It is in daily use by First Responders, Hazmat teams, military and Firefighters in over 50 countries.

This week we are preparing and shipping 200 units delivery for First Responder users in Asia Pacific area at our headquarters’ facilities in Finland. Earlier this year we have also delivered nearly 400 units batch of ChemPro100i detectors to one military end customer in the same region.

ChemPro100i is a versatile device which serves both civilian (First Responder, Law Enforcement Agencies, etc) and Military markets. The ChemPro100i uses an array of detection technologies to detect, classify and measure chemicals enabling simultaneous detection of the widest range of chemicals. The ChemPro100i is a truly orthogonal detector, it’s heart remaining the Environics’ unique open-loop Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) sensor. The performance is improved with additional sensors that provide a wider range of detectable TICs and improve false alarm rejection.

For more information regarding ChemPro100i Chemical Detector please click here.

Veli-Matti Miettinen Appointed as Area Manager

Veli-Matti Miettinen has joined Environics sales team as of September 3rd.  Veli-Matti will strengthen our APAC sales team to ensure our growth continues in Asia. Veli-Matti’s key focus will be to increase our business presence in Asian key markets, and ensure our  continued growth in the naval application, as well as developing our businesses and partner network in Asia Pacific Region. Veli-Matti  will take over the Area Manager role in Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and Japan, and work closely together with Krister Liljegren and Martin Lutzen to develop our businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines. Mr. Miettinen has a proven track record in sales and business development in South East Asia, he has lived in the area for several years. His contact is now available from the Sales & Marketing Contacts section.

Please join me welcoming Veli-Matti to our team!

Outi Suoninen
VP Sales&Marketing

Indonesian CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle Factory Acceptance Test

We have successfully concluded a FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of another CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle, designed for our Indonesian customer.

This is the fourth CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle ready to be delivered to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, as the previous deliveries took place between 2015-2017.

CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles include equipment for detecting, identifying and sampling CBRN agents and threats in a safe, protected working environment.

ENVI Assay System Biodefence Tests Used in CBRN Exercise "Bio-Garden"

Environics' ENVI Assay System biodefence tests were used in CBRN Exercise "Bio-Garden", which took place in Vilvoorde (Belgium), in order to verify a Biological threat in a suspected home laboratory.

This exercise is part of the eNotice - Horizon 2020 Project (European Network of CBRN Training Centers) and further information can be found from here

In one of the scenarios the police conducts investigations in a clandestine laboratory where they suspect bio weapons are being produced. Several specialized teams are called to intervene, namely the military CBRN sampling team that can provide samples to the deployed laboratories. ENVI Assay System biodefence test kits are part of their portfolio to verify the threats at site.

"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going(...)" by Katja Kiukas

Defence Turkey magazine published in its latest issue (82) an article written by Mrs. Katja Kiukas- Product Manager for Bio Detection and CBRN Systems and as an Application Specialist for Building CBRN Monitoring. This piece is focused on Environics' Solutions for Naval CBRN Monitoring and Armored CBRN Reconnaissance.

Full article available from the link bellow:

🇺🇦 RanidSonni & RanidPro200 at UEFA Champions League, Kiev

Environics is once again featured in SSTC NRS (State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiatiation Safety) website, this time regarding the usage of RanidSonni during UEFA Champions League final-2018.

Article posted on 29th May, translation bellow, click here to access the original.

"Radiation intelligence during UEFA Champions League final-2018: no dangerous anomalies detected

On May 26, 2018, in Kiev, a crew of the mobile laboratory RanidSonni carried out radiological exploration at the venues of mass events to monitor the state of radiation safety of residents and guests of the capital during the final matches of the UEFA Champions League-2018. Radiation anomalies were not detected.

Specialists of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC NRS) examined the main fan-zone of the football championship on Khreshchatyk using the "Terra" MKS-05 dosimeters-radiometers and the Thermo RadEye PRD individual search dosimeter. The maximum dose rate was up to 0.12 μSv / hr, which corresponds to the norm and does not exceed the values ​​of the natural radiation background.

Also, specialists from SSTC NRS visited the fans' fan club of the Liverpool Football Club, which was located in the park. Shevchenko, having carried out a survey of the territory with the help of a dosimeter-radiometer of neutron and gamma radiation on the basis of detectors RanidPro 200 «Vasikka». Dose strength parameters were within acceptable limits.

"Mass actions of this kind are always a high level of danger. We have been trying to carry out radiation exploration, paying attention to all possible objects, which, one way or another, can be an instrument for concealing dangerous radioactive materials. The crew of the mobile laboratory did not differ from the crowd with specialized signs, and therefore was able to conduct an inspection in search of possible threats without attracting unnecessary attention and unnecessary anxiety in society, - commented the head of the public relations department of SSTC NRS Oksana Kucheriava, - fortunately, no we did not detect threats. "

Radiation measurements were carried out using the method of comparative gamma-shooting at the venues of mass events a day before the start of football events (May 25th) and during their conduct (May 26)."

"Safe House" - Katja Kiukas Examines CBRN Threats in Buildings and Sets Out Ways to Enhance Preparedness

CBRN Solution Business Manager, Katja Kiukas wrote another article published on 2018's latest issue of CBNW - Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Warfare Magazine entitle "Safe House". This piece concerns Environics Oy's concept on Building CBRN Monitoring Solutions and it's presented on pages 56 to 59.

Please find the online issue of CBNW magazine from the link below:  

Katja Kiukas to speak at CIP ASIA

Katja Kiukas, who has gained over 10 years of application, business and technology oriented expertise in the field of Bio Detection and CBRN Monitoring Systems, namely, for critical infrastructure protection, was confirmed to give a speech at CIP ASIA.

The speech prepared for this event taking place in Malaysia, from 17th to 19th July 2018 is entitled "CBRN Threats in Buildings – Preparedness and Protection Instead of Forgotten Vulnerabilities".

Katja will also be attending this critical infrastructure protection oriented event, therefore arranging appointments/discussions on this matter is a possibility.


Update: Katja's speaking slot is now visible from Programme - Day One as part of the CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION TRACK

Further information about the event:

🇮🇹 Italian Fire Brigades Upgraded Their Chemical Detection Capabilities

Italian fire brigades increased their preparedness level by upgrading their ChemPro100 chemical detectors to the latest ChemPro100i version. ChemPro100i chemical detectors are used in more than 100 fire brigade stations all around Italy.

The ChemPro100i is a handheld gas & vapor detector for the field detection and classification of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs). It can be used daily in “routine” HazMat, and for the less common CWA incident. Unique trend display shows the chemical concentration in real time graphical display allowing fast and easy to read way to quickly localize the chemical.

Learn more about ChemPro100i.

Environics Received Another Purchase Order for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle

Environics has received a new purchase order for CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicle from Indonesian Ministry of Defence.

Environics has already delivered three similar CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles to the Indonesian Ministry of Defence between 2015-2017. The fourth vehicle delivery will take place in 2018. This type of vehicle includes equipment for detecting, identifying and sampling CBRN agents and threats in a safe, protected working environment.

"The Role of Expert Support in Nuclear Security"

Environics is referenced in Border Security Report magazine, due to RanidPro200 and RanidSOLO usage during a crossborder reachback demonstration, which took place in Estonia by the end of 2017. Extract:

"November 2017: Estonian and Finnish intelligence services have received information that illegal transport of radioactive materials is underway via the Baltic countries. The final destination of these sources is unknown but there are reasons to believe that Finland may be the intended target for further illicit trafficking. The information alerts hint that international terrorist group has declared its malicious intentions to use these materials in an attack against the EU Member States. "

For further information and access to the full article, please follow the link bellow (page 35):

🏢 🚒 CBRN Threats in Buildings 🏢 🚑 - Upcoming Dedicated Webinar

Are we prepared for terrorist attacks with CBRN agents against critical infrastructure (CIP) targets?

Are building occupants protected from CBRN releases?

What can be done to reduce the vulnerabilities and the consequences of CBRN events in buildings?

These and other questions will be answered during our next upcoming webinar which will take place on the 14th of March.


For further information and register, please click the link bellow:

Environics first 🚩 PUBLIC Training Sessions, Spring'18 🚩 Open Webinar is now available!

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