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Environics is wishing you all nice holidays  and  Safe New Year 2017.

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Securing the country borders against chemical threats

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (SBGS) received more ChemPro100i chemical detectors through technical assistance project from BBK Germany (Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance).

In relation to the latest equipment delivery, Environics conducted a training in Ukraine just recently.
Environics training crew Toni Leikas & Krister Liljegren had a pleasure to host the representatives from both SBGS and BBK in this two days event.

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

This technical assistance project further enhances the SBGS capability to fight against the chemical threats in their borders.
ChemPro100i is a handheld chemical detector for field detection and classification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and selected Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs).  For more detailed information about this product, please follow the link.

New CBRN dedicated software version launch at CBW Symposium Stockholm

EnviScreen, CBRN, software, Environics, chemical, biological, radiological, situational awareness

Environics launches a new version of its CBRN system software, EnviScreen Operix, at the 12th CBW Protection Symposium held at Stockholm from 8th to 10th of June, 2016. The EnviScreen Operix provides real-time situational awareness and guidance in fixed installed and mobile EnviScreen CBRN Detection Systems. It incorporates sensor integrations, data communication, databases, system services and user interfaces and provides system software solutions suitable both for a single site and full nation covering monitoring networks.

The EnviScreen Operix offers measurement and status data from the integrated sensors in the interactive GIS user interface, emergency instructions and tools for reporting and hazard area plotting to enable appropriate countermeasures at the time of a suspected threat event. Moreover, the EnviScreen Operix includes software modules for integration to 3rd party systems and system training and simulation.

The EnviScreen Operix 2016 has been developed in the course of the CBRUGS (Chemical, Biological and Radiological Unattended Ground Sensors) delivery project for the Finnish Defence Forces. The new, modernized software version includes several features and tools that improve the usability and functionality. For instance, selectable application profiles have been added to meet the operator requirements in different applications. The new software release comes with GeoServer map service and some special features related to use in wireless, mobile CBRN detection systems.

More information related to the new software release you can find from HERE.

Ground Operating CBRN surveillance system - Webinar record now available

Did you miss our last webinar? Don't worry you have now an opportunity to view the webinar record related to temporary CBRN surveillance solution when it best suites your schedule. In the webinar CBRN Solution Business Manager, Katja Kiukas, presents how temporary CBRN surveillance system can be created with mobile measuring nodes and wireless data communication. Environics new ground operating CBRN surveillance system solution, EnVision GOSSAMER, is based on development and delivery project to Finnish Defence Forces.

View the webinar record from HERE.


How to create an effective temporary CBRN surveillance system - Webinar available on 24th of May

Now you have an create opportunity to participate our webinar related to temporary CBRN surveillance solution. CBRN Solution Business Manager, Katja Kiukas, will present how temporary CBRN surveillance system can be created with mobile measuring nodes and wireless data communication. Environics new ground operating CBRN surveillance system solution, EnVision GOSSAMER, is based on development and delivery project to Finnish Defence Forces.

Please register yourself to this free webinar from the here.  


NNS 2016 result: 23 countries committed to develop their national-level nuclear architecture

Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington gathered participants from fifty countries and international organizations aiming to reinforce international cooperation in order to prevent nuclear terrorism. President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, and Director General of Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Petteri Tiippana, represented Finland in the summit.

At the summit Finland stressed the importance of national capability to detect threatening situations and to act in them. President Niinistö also stated that the sharing of information and intelligence related to nuclear security is of paramount importance in the fight against nuclear terrorism. "No single player can be aware of the overall situation. Gathering information is of the utmost importance," stated President Niinistö. The importance of information sharing was also stressed in a joint statement issued after the summit.

At the Nuclear Security summit, 23 countries and INTERPOL together published a declaration prepared by Finland in which the countries committed that they will develop their radioactive material detection systems so that the illegal use and trafficking of the radioactive materials can be prevented better. The declaration will improve safety and open up new opportunities for developing national and regional activities.

Finland has been developing its own nuclear security architecture through cooperation between different authorities. With the existing remote support system radiation experts from STUK can view, analyze and provide reachback support for measurements performed for example by Finnish customs or police officers. In the REPO – Nuclear security development project Environics and few other Finnish companies have developed a commercial version of the system that can also be exported to other countries. Click here to learn more.

Link to the original NSS 2016 Statement on National Nuclear Detection Architectures 


Environics was rewarded with remarkable four years contract with Danish MoD

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization, DALO, awards a new significant four years framework contract to Environics Oy for the acquisition of chemical detectors. Environics won the contract through international tender phase, the value of the contract is approximately 3 million euros.

The framework contract includes ChemPro100i, handheld Chemical detectors for both personal detector and a remote detector use. DALO is procuring chemical detectors to secure and enhance the Danish forces capability to detect Chemical War Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) when they are deployed in missions. Further, the chemical detectors are used for training for such operations.

“After this contract the Danish forces will start to use ChemPro100i as their primary detector against chemical threats. Similar decision what several other organizations have done in past years.” says Mr. Krister Liljegren, Area Manager of Environics Oy.

Environics Danish distributor Brdr. Jørgensen Instruments A/S can provide support to DALO locally. “We have perfect team working on this project now. Currently we are preparing the first deliveries and really looking forward to the co-operation in the coming years.” Mr. Liljegren concludes.

Environics handheld chemical detectors are already in use in tens of defence organizations around the world including for example Italian Armed Forces, The Royal Netherlands Armed Forces and Belgium Defence Forces. Environics has delivered over 15 000 CWA and TIC detectors worldwide.