CEO's Seasonal Greetings

Seasonal Greetings from Environics

First of all it is a time to thank all of our customers and partners for this year 2015. The year has been very busy and successful for us from many point of view.

In the beginning of the summer, VersoVentures, a specialist in building growth companies, acquired Environics Oy from Finntemet Oy. This has provided us an excellent opportunity for further development and growth.

We have been able to increase remarkably our turnover compared to previous years and have also managed to collect significant new purchase orders including interesting pilot contracts.

During this year we have launched a new mobile ground operating CBRN surveillance system, EnVision GOSSAMER, which has gained a lot of interest and positive feedback among our customers. The system is based on a development and delivery project for the Finnish Defence Forces.

This year we have also started broadcast webinars for our partners and end-customers. Through the webinars we are able to share product information, case studies and trainings more frequently and easier than ever before. The webinars has received a lot of positive feedback and we are going to use webinars in our communication with you also in next year.

Already today we know that next year 2016 will be very busy for us. We are budgeting increase in our turnover, thanks to already existing nice order backlog and positive signs from the market. Also we have started many development projects aiming to provide our customers even better products and services.

You can meet us in many exhibitions next year, fox example in CBRNe Europe in Amsterdam, Eurosatory in Paris and NBC Symposium in Stockholm.

With this newsletter we are sending our Seasonal Greetings and wishing Safe New Year 2016 for everyone.

Yours Sincerely,

Kirsi Korhonen
CEO, President
Environics Oy

RanidSONNI was used to confirm radiation safety in Kiev after fires at Chernobyl NPP area

Last summer several forest fires occurred at exclusion zone of Chernobyl NPP and led to public concerns about radiological consequences. In order to response to the public concerns personnel of SSTC NRS performed radiation survey in the city of Kiev, using the RanidSONNI laboratory to identify potential areas with abnormal radiological parameters. The measurements of the dose rate and specific air activity revealed no anomalies. For further information please visit:


Environics introduces a new ground operating CBRN surveillance system

Environics has recently launched a new mobile ground operating CBRN surveillance system solution, EnVision GOSSAMER. The new products are based on the system solution developed and delivered for Finnish Defence Forces.

The EnVision GOSSAMER is ruggedized, field deployable sensor network formed by CBRN measuring and data processing units, command and control posts with advanced CBRN system software and related radio communication systems and power supplies.

The mobile CBRN mEnVision_GOSSAMER_PDA_Forest_CBRN_Mobile_Detection_Environicsonitoring can be used in military missions in national or international crisis management and support for other authorities in surveillance of accidental or intentional releases of airborne hazardous substances and radiation.

To learn more of our new mobile system solution, please click here.


ChemPro100i & Detection Libraries - Webinar now available online

Record from ChemPro100i & Detection Libraries - webinar is now available online. The webinar provides information regarding chemical threats and how different chemicals can be detected and classified.

You can view the recorded webinar from the here.  (Duration 42min 26sec)


Environics wins a significant framework contract from the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Authority, STUK

Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Authority, STUK, awards a new significant four years framework contract to Environics Oy for radiation detection equipment program. Environics won the contract after international tendering phase, the value of contract is approximately 1,6 million euros.

The framework contract includes different types of portable and mobile radiation detection equipment and reachback data transfer solution developed by Environics. The new equipment will be delivered to the Finnish customs, which together with STUK is responsible authority combating against illicit trafficking of radiological material in Finland.

Environics’ portal radiation monitoring systems are already in use at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, couple of harbors and border crossing stations in Finland. This new radiation detection equipment program will significantly improve Finnish nuclear security architecture.

Click to download "Radiation Identification Equipment & Reachback Solution" Case Study pdf


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New Improved Radionuclide Identifier Backpack now available

Environics' has launched a new improved model of RanidPRO200 radionuclide identifier backpack. New model provides for example better neutron detection sensitivity, longer battery life and over 2kg lighter weight. Toughbook laptop has been replaced with toughpad control unit in new RanidPRO200 models. RanidPRO200 radiation backpacks are H3 free and can be equip with either LaBr3 1.5"x1.5" or Nal(Tl) 2"x2" scintillators (optionally also other detector sizes are available).